We are proud to offer a complete range of education programs, specialized support and services, and many exciting learning opportunities that will enhance your child's knowledge, talents and abilities.

The Alberta Education Act requires us to prioritize the enrolment of Catholic students who live inside a school’s attendance area. We are also happy to enroll non-Catholic students and students who live outside a school’s attendance area when sufficient resources and facilities are available.

Please contact our school directly to register; Click on the Contact tab in the top right or email with your child's information and to request a registration form. 

New Students to Canada

Students who are born outside of Canada register through the St. John Reception Centre. It is located at 15-12 Street NW and the phone number is 403-500-2007. Students whose first language is not English may be required to complete an English language proficiency assessment. District interpreter services for this appointment are available upon request at no cost to the family. To book an appointment to register, please call 403-500-2007.

Restricted Enrollment

As of November 2013, our school is under restricted enrollment. New families from Elgin, Inverness and Copperfield that cannot be accommodated will be placed on a waitlist and they will be re-directed to Cardinal Newman school in Mackenzie Lake. Transportation is provided for students redirected to Cardinal Newman. Please come to St. Isabella to fill out registration forms and bring your documents (required documents: child’s birth certificate and proof of address, requested documents: parent or child’s Catholic baptismal ). If you have any questions please email the school at or call at 403-500-2123.

Restricted Enrollment for 2020-2021 information from Director, Area South Schools, Deneen Nolan - June 2020

Restricted Enrollment for 2018-2019 information from Superintendent Mike Ross April 2018

Restricted Enrollment for 2016-2017 information from Superintendent Mike Ross June 2015

For the 2016-2017 school year Blessed Cardinal Newman School becomes the district designated school for redirected students that live in St. Isabella School boundary area. District transportation provided.

Restricted enrollment procedures remain in effect for St. Isabella School with waitlists maintained to determine when students can be repatriated to their home school.

Restricted Enrolment Q&A May 2015

Restricted Enrolment Reconsideration Public Participation Feedback May 2015

Please see the following for information about the district’s decision regarding future enrolment at St. Isabella School:



High School

Please see the letter from Area Director Daniel Danis regarding high school boundaries and choices.

January 8, 2020 High School Boundary Letter


The Calgary Catholic School District offers kindergarten programming within a faith-based learning environment.

Parents and children will experience a Catholic educational setting which focuses on:

  • Creating a school community that gives witness to the teaching of Jesus and celebrates diversity, inclusion and the permeation of Catholic values throughout all curricular areas.
  • Children being valued as precious gifts of God who are encouraged to reach their fullest potential.
  • Learning experiences designed to be developmentally appropriate in order to meet the diverse needs of children.
Kindergarten Registration

Registration is ongoing throughout the school year. Please click Kindergarten Registration Requirements for more information.

Kindergarten programming

Young children benefit from programs that provide opportunities for organized activities and purposeful play through which children explore the world around them. Alberta Education defines instructional time for kindergarten as the “time where direct child-teacher interaction and supervision are maintained.”

Kindergarten students are provided with a minimum of 475 instructional hours each school year. The following 10 guiding principles provide a framework for kindergarten programming:

1. Childhoods differ depending on social and cultural circumstances

2. Children’s development is influenced but not determined by their early experiences

3. Children interact and learn in a variety of contexts

4. Children are co-constructors of knowledge and partners in learning

5. Children are unique and active contributors to their learning

6. Children construct and represent knowledge in a variety of ways

7. Children are citizens and active participants in school and society

8. Children are active collaborators in and users of assessment

9. Children may require specialized programming and supports to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare them for later learning

10. Children and their families may need coordinated community services to meet their needs.

Kindergarten programming

Kindergarten brochure

Grades 1 – 12

Registration is ongoing throughout the school year. Please click Grades 1-12 Registration Requirements for more information.

The child’s birth certificate is required and one parent’s Catholic baptismal certificate is requested to be presented at the time of registration. Resident Catholic students transitioning from kindergarten to Grade 1 in the same school do not need to re-register for Grade 1. Non-resident students need to inquire with the principal of the school to determine if they will be able to register for Grade 1 based on available room and resources. Parents of students not previously registered at any grade level should call the school for an appointment to register.

Designated Boundaries for Schools

The Calgary Catholic School District has designated boundaries for all schools. CCSD uses boundaries strategically to ensure optimal student populations that support viable programming across the district. It is the expectation that students will attend their designated school. Please be aware that school attendance boundaries can and do change to accommodate factors including changing demographic information, the opening or closing of a school, to relieve overcrowding in schools, etc.

Please click on the PDF document below for information regarding the boundaries and walk limits of St. Isabella School.


Walk Limit Map
Boundary Map