Principal's Message

It is our pleasure to welcome you to St. Isabella School – Where Knowledge and Love Grow Together!

The past school year was unmistakably an incredible time marked by tremendous growth and changes. As we move forward into this coming year, we recognize that all the regular excitement and trepidation that comes with the beginning of the school year is further compounded as we continue to find ourselves in the midst of the global pandemic.During this unprecedented time, we want to reassure our school community that we remain committed to a learning partnership with our families, and that we will continue to strive to deliver quality education programming for students. We are also committed to meeting the individual needs of all students, while helping them to discover and develop their potential as they explore and share experiences and opportunities as they progress in their education.We are fortunate to live in a strong and caring community. Together we will not only face our challenges, we will overcome them.

As part of the Calgary Catholic School District, we are a Community of Caring school, which promotes the core values of the Gospel, so that our faith is integrated into our day to day learning and living. Through formal Religion classes, Liturgical celebrations, and the many service programs we offer, our students are able to deepen their understanding of our faith and develop an appreciation for their spiritual journey. Our core purpose is to work closely with our students and parents to foster a safe, creative, and supportive Catholic school so that ALL can achieve their maximum potential through a holistic learning environment.

Living through this COVID pandemic has required us to accept a new type of normalcy.
It continues to be an uncomfortable and uncertain time for many of our staff, students, and parents.I am very proud of our entire school community for approaching the year with tremendous flexibility, open-mindedness, and creativity. Please know that we are always doing our best to keep student learning moving forward in positive ways at St. Isabella School and ensuring that our parents remain well-informed and that you understand our efforts to maintain a continuity of learning for students.

We thank you for continued support, patience, and compassion with one another and would encourage you to contact the school at 403-500-2123 if you have any questions.


John Mooney

Principal, St. Isabella School